Horizontal head saw TTE 350 TAIGA

E-mail information available at request: taiga@poczta.onet.pl

Horizontal head saw TTE 350/30

with electric or combustion drive


The machine is designed to process smaller wood amounts. It is perfect for family-run farms, small sawmills and carpenters. Perfect for breaking smaller logs, such as pulpwood, firewood, perches, wood poles, etc.

Low power consumption of just 3 kW means that operating costs are kept low. It also means no special protection of electrical installation is required. Operating the TTE 350 saw is extremely simple, requiring just one person. The cutting height is adjusted by manually operated worm screw.

Technical details :
 3.0 kW electric motor

400 V  3-phase Power supplie
max log diameter 400 mm
długość toru 3 m
 cutting thickness adjustment – round tial with 1mm marks
band tensioning – manual, according to indications of dynamometer
 horizontal saw travel - manual

standard track length 3 meters

length of processed log 2.5 meters

machine height 110 cm
maximum width 120 cm


Packed for dispatch the machine fits onto a EURO pallet


Machine assembly is simple and intuitive

We published a video assembly guide

We provide DTR documentation, 12-month warranty and CE marking together with the machine

E-mail information available at request: taiga@poczta.onet.pl